Prayer Letter / Ministry Update

Sara is a second generation missionary to the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan. It was there where she got saved, dedicated her life to God, and surrendered her life to be a missionary. As she grew into her teenage years, Sara was able to help out more in her parents' ministry in Japan in music and secretarial work. She attended Ambassador Baptist College and graduated with a Bachelor of Biblical Studies with an emphasis in Missions. She has always had a heart for Japan even during those years but never realized until her senior year that God would actually use that desire to call her as a missionary to Japan. It was like a dream come true! She wanted to immediately go to Japan after college, but COVID kept the doors closed. During that time, God opened doors for her to be involved in the ministry of Westside Baptist Church and Academy in Katy, Texas, from 2021 to 2023. Only God knows what those two years of intense ministry experience will do for her in Japan. Sara is excited to take the next step to fulfill God's calling in her life and would appreciate your prayers as she desires to get to the field as soon as possible!