My Qualifications, Education, and Experience


I have a good foundation in the Japanese language already, in speaking,
reading, writing. I believe that God has given me a great love for it, despite the
difficulties, so that I can do part of my ministry in translation work.
My parents, and other models, have ingrained into me the Christian virtue of
“faithfulness”. I have strived to be faithful to God, to my local church, and to
my authorities throughout my life.
I have strong values on conservative Christian music. I’ve been playing piano
since 2011 and the recorder since 2016, both of which I have been using for
God in the local church. God has also given me a good singing voice to use as
a tool for church special music.


Ambassador Baptist College in
Lattimore, NC (2017-2021)
Bachelor of Biblical Studies, Missions 


Ÿ Secretarial work for my father, which included the following (2015-2017):
- Church bulletins
- Wednesday night prayer lists
- Trimming sermon audio files and uploading on the website

Ÿ Playing hymns for church congregations (2014-present)

Ÿ Short-term missions trips with MTT (Make a Timothy Today) Ministries to
Singapore, Malaysia, Antigua, and the U.S. West (2018-2021). My ministries
included the following:

- Playing hand chimes as a group
- Using puppets as a tool in children’s church and VBS
- Singing with vocal groups and playing instruments
- Teaching Bible lessons at VBS
- Presenting personal testimonies before church congregations

Ÿ Ministered at Morning Star Baptist Church in Shelby, NC, which included
the following (2017-2021):

- Soulwinning
- Congregational hymn-playing
- Children’s church ministry
- Choir

Elementary teacher at Westside Baptist Academy in Katy, TX for the 3rd grade
(2021-2022) and 1st/2nd grades (2022-2023)

   Ministered at Westside Baptist Church in Katy, TX, which included the
following (2021-2023):

- Soulwinning
- Choir
- Hymn-playing accompaniment on the clavi nova
- Orchestra (Recorder)